Irakli Rusadze sits as creative director of 2015-established label Situationist. Gathering inspiration from his home country of Georgia, Rusadze makes deeply personal statements about his post-Soviet nation and the individual experiences it encompasses. The specificity of those stories is what allows Situationist to resonate on a global scale with audiences far removed from those realities. Admiring the women at the heart of his upbringing, the creative director associates strength and resilience with femininity, and the garments only serve to further prove that point. Strong shoulders and cinched waists, expert tailoring, layering, and draping are all core elements of the brand. Leather coats and trousers cut powerful silhouettes, while tailored wool blazers featuring cut-out and lace-up detailing bringing novelty to a wardrobe classic. Latest in line of famed Georgian designers, Rusadze stays deeply rooted in his collection of experiences and constantly reconsiders tradition, shape, and the concepts of femininity and masculinity.