“INNERRAUM” is a new project derived from the eyewear brand “KUBORAUM'' launched in Berlin in 2012 by Italian designer Livio Graziottin and anthropologist Sergio Eusebi.

INNERRAUM's works, which are made by caulking small parts made of polymer resin like armor used in protectors, have a futuristic look that resembles props from science fiction movies, so they are more art than fashion. It is said to be a sculpture accessory.

INNERRAUM has its emphasis on the body. Every part of an object is a metaphor for a body part, and in the same way that our bodies are made up of assembled parts, we can experience wearing them as an extension of our own body, “SHELL'' can.

INNERRAUM bags, which seem to have arrived from the new millennium, are containers for our belongings and experiences.
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